Renovate, Restore, Re-Imagine…


Hebert (pronounced: Ay Bear) Design Werks was developed with the purpose of creating products that are not only functional and practical but are also works of art. We strive to make our products of quality materials that can truly stand the test of time with emphasis on creativity and craftsmanship. All of our products are made of solid wood or plywood construction. Never will fiberboard, MDO, MDF, or any other substitute be used. It is our goal to make all of our products multifunctional and high quality. It is our hope that your purchase can enhance and beautify your living or work environment.

Designer and owner, Monica Peters is a graduate of The Colorado Institute of Art. She was born and raised in rural Illinois where she developed a love of antiques and old homes. That same love inspired her to become a general contractor in hopes of restoring old homes to their former glory.  Although not every home worked on is old, every home worked on is treated with dedication and respect.  Whether the client is choosing a paint color or changing a light bulb, furniture placement or a complete kitchen remodel, every job is treated as a “Big Job”. Collaboration with the client and their home is essential in creating an environment that not only represents that person, but expresses who they are.

Monica PetersMonica is of German paternal and French Canadian maternal descent. She strives to acknowledge that heritage by naming the company after her mother and giving a more “German” approach to “werks”. Her work ethic, common sense, and drafting and building skills she attributes to her father. She however gives credit to her mother’s side of the family for creativity, artistic ability and sensitivity to her clients needs. The combination and integration of her gifts are always in hopes of providing beauty with function.


Fully licensed by the Contractors’ State Licensing Board License No. 835392