Custom Cigar Humidorshumidor-side

If you happen to be a cigar smoker that is tired of the boring, basic, high-gloss, fiber board, veneered, humidors then we are kindred spirits. Why not possess a functional work of art that is not only personal but can truly be a family heirloom for generations to come? 


  • Solid mahogany construction
  • Full 1/4 inch Spanish cedar lining
  • Brass hygrometer installed for optimal viewing and classic appearance*
  • Standard humidification block installed for optimal performance*
  • No two humidors are exactly alike
  • Capacity is approximately 100 cigars
  • Custom design work is brush applied by hand with darker stains, not paint
  • Customize your own design or purchase product in stock, pricing may vary pending evaluation of artwork to be used
  • Different color stains may be applied per client preference
  • Wood types, i.e., maple, cherry, etc. are optional depending on availability
  • Medium size humidor is approximately 10.5  inches x 15.5 inches

* It is our experience that hygrometers and humidification devices are as personal as cigars. Many prefer dial over digital, gel packs over distilled water or visa-versa. Our goal is to provide a beautiful piece of art that is also functional. We leave the maintenance up to your own discretion and preference.



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